Add Access Token

Let's walk through creating a Segment access token and adding it to

Once you've created an access token in Segment, you can add it to Afterwards, you can select sources to validate your tracking plan against and start tracking events.

Head to the access management tab in workspace settings

Once there, select Create Token to enter the token creation flow.

Access management tab in workspace settings

Enter token details

  1. Enter a name/description for your token.
Add token name
  1. Select permissions for your token. You can choose from the following options:
  • Workspace Owner: Full access to all resources in the workspace. (Not recommended)
  • Workspace Member: Requires additional permissions to access resources, see the gif below. You'll need to add the Source Admin permission (Recommended)
Add granular settings

Copy and save to

Success, You've created a token!

  1. Copy the token when prompted.
Copy token
  1. Enable the Segment integration in and paste the token in the Access Token field. Select the sources you want to validate your tracking plan against.
Save token


You've successfully created your first event and defined properties for it. Now, you can start tracking events and analyzing them.