Create a Tracking Plan
Creating Your First Event

Let's create our first event!

Create an account and organization

Create an account on (opens in a new tab) to setup your account and organization.

Create an event

  1. Head to the events dashboard{your-org-slug}/events.

  2. Click on the "Create an event" button.

Create event landing page
  1. Fill in the event details and click on the "Create event" button.
  • Name (required): The name of your event.
  • Tags: Tags help you categorize your event. You can add multiple tags.
  • Description: A brief description of your event. Your developers will see these as comments in their code.
Create event form

Define properties

Success! You've created your first event. Now, let's define some properties.

  1. Head to the events dashboard{your-org-slug}/events and click on the event you just created. You'll see the event details page:
Event details header
  1. Use the "Add Property" button to define properties for your event.
Add properties to event gif


You've successfully created your first event and defined properties for it. Now, you can start tracking events and analyzing them.

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